Without Me

Smokes and Mirrors,
All on show,
Yet secrets non disclosed,
You are not supposed to know.
I need not search,
Nor ask,
Nor seek,
There are enough clues,
To sherlock the secrets you keep.
The biggest secret is now mine,
As I cannot unsee,
The pictures speak words,
You didn’t have the courtesy to tell me!
I am hurt,
The pain runs deep,
But I shall not report how you have made me weep.

Side by Side

I was blessed with a huge heart to love and although I do not give to receive, it would be nice to feel the warmth that I so easily give to others. I don’t know if it is a curse, bad luck or just as tough for everyone, normal perhaps, but I am very familiar with abandonment and rejection and after years and years of it, basically my whole entire life, it surprises me that I still try, I still require love so very much.

To imagine a life without you,
Seems no longer true.
Let us try to not worry about the past as it has gone,
The future is out there and tomorrow will come,
But let us focus on living in the moment and enjoying today.
As the hands of time rotate,
Let us acknowledge and not suppress,
Communicate yet not fixate on the troubles that we may create.
We should not run,
We cannot hide.
Just let me love you
And let’s stick together with pride,
Side by side.