Together Somehow

I am aware that I can get carried away,
I see the light in you.
Our individual circumstances are far from perfect,
But I see your imperfections in a positive light,
You could still be perfect for me.
Helping each other would therefore help ourselves.
Being together without any substance but water,
Could have been catastrophic.
Together somehow,
We came together.
I don’t know whether we want, need or have the strength to commit.
But I know that something is there and we got to ride it.
Together in a bubble of music,
A bubble of conversation,
And restrained penetration,
We fit.
And so lets hold on,
Enjoy the rush of the fast train,
And see where we end up.
No lies,
No fabrication,
Just truth and honesty,
Will lead us to our destiny.
Whether we still fit or go out separate ways,
Life with you now,
In the midst of ill health,
With you around,
I see better days to come.

Christmas Holiday

You are not alone,
I understand why you think you are,
no one understands you,
the less they try,
the more you distance yourself.
If no one that you know gets it,
utilise this forum.
Don’t suffer in silence,
talk to me!
If I don’t get it,
I will surrly listen and try to.
This site is the home of empathy.
All are welcome.
I encourage you to share here.
Together we will be strong xx

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