Weightless Enlightenment

Freedom of speech,
I beseech,
Please do not strip me of my gift,
No scam can warrant a ban,
On art,
I extract mental captivity,
When the words on this site leave me,
I access the key to the euphoria of spiritual release and cleansing,
I am free,
That’s my slice of heaven,
So please don’t question or take this access to weightless enlightenment away from me,
All else I know,
Is suffering,
And misery.
Like without a plan,
Just removing heroine from a junkie,
Please don’t restrict me from my ecstasy,
My writing is healthy,
And not hurtung or killing anybody,
Not damagingly known by or out there for everbody,
Only those that need or seek,
Find me.
Infact this safe space,
Allows me the freedom of expression,
As I work through process and reflection,
To learn from and execute personal correction,
Exploring vocally,
On a small platform which is welcome to eberybody,
Through my footsteps I welcome you’ll to heal with me,
We all need to identify,
With someone brave enough to share their demons,
What keeps them up at night,
Tears them apart and makes them cry,
So you can rest and think,
“Me Too”,
I’m not alone in this fight,
Perhaps today I don’t have to die!