And together we shall always be…

My eyes wonder up to the sky,
Where Angle’s and spirits lie.
I know that you travel across land and sea,
But sparkle in the sky and so I can see,
I feel you in my heart and all around,
Even though you don’t make a sound,
I know that you are protecting me,
And together we shall always be.

“It’s Such A Beautiful Life”, fabulous concepts! Don’t you think?

The guy in the next cubicle over, told Bill about a thing that he saw on tv, about identicle twins that were seperated at burth but had individually grown up to be serial killers! It was as though they didn’t have any choice of what they turned into!
Genetics is pretty messed up, he said as his chewing gum flung itself from his mouth.

At lunch he told Bill about a physics book that he was reading about time, how the passing of time is just an illusion, because all of eternity is actually taking place at once.The past never vanishes away and the future has already happened. All of history is fixed and laid out, like an infinite landscape of simultanious events that we simply have to traveĺ through in one direction.