Scared and Selfish

I am unable to ignore the catastrophe,
It alarms my concious and vibrational energy,
Clawing at my empathy,
In tears I am so very sorry.
I try to be ignorant to this worlds endless brutality,
Due to my susceptibility of being overcome emotionally,
But this current war and tragedy,
Evokes unimaginable pain in me,
And that’s selfish but essentially how and what I try to express is truthfully me being sorry,
Dumbfounded by the powers that be,
I think of the innocent people and their loved ones and family,
Kids dragged into this misery,
How this nightmare is their waking reality,
The last images of those taken already,
What they have had to endure and see.
In these modern times how can this be?
Honestly I don’t understand,
My intelligence capacity is not equipped enough for this,
To be ignorant to the sheer disaster,
Of this murderous catastrophe,
Would be sweet bliss,
But there is no option of being oblivious,
Disaster has struck serious,
Blood struck,
Lives took,
And for what?
Fuck celebrities and reality TV,
Awards and dinner parties,
For recreatimg stories,
Wake up,
This is history,
Real time documentary,
With conspiracy,
And contraversial commentary,
But outside opinions are not necessary,
That’s not the people’s story,
The people are fighting,
Or flighting this brutality,
Without consent or a fair warning,
Turn on mute,
Those horrifying images we see,
Are currently,
The heart of the brink of world war three.
I’m sending love you cannot see,
I know you cannot hear me,
I have no skill to help,
No bravery to shout out,
This is unfamiliar territory,
I will work on projecting spiritual energy,
Send love and light with positivity,
That you may escape and find refuge,
Safety and security,

Not For Me!

Four walls here,
And everywhere,
Tinned up,
Marching Penguin’s,
No space to be,
Nor room to be free,
We must follow suit,
Leaving no room for true self discovery!
I wish that they would disintegrate,
The designed walls,
That keep us confined,
And leave us alone,
To absorb the fresh air,
Breaking free from the dictatorship and despair,
With every inhalation,
We could process and compose ourselves,
With every exhalation,
We could simply be,
Have a shot at fulfilling our true destiny,
Not just succumb to what society wants us to be!
I dream of not being confined by wealth,
And history,
Of not being told who and what I can be,
No spotight,
Or poker face required,
Because I would be free,
If the bars came down,
No shackles,
Nor walls,
Would have a hold on society,
Perhaps then I could discover,
The real me!
They call me a dreamer,
As I long for freedom and equality,
For wishing that blood, sweat and tears would evaporate with the mist,
For peace not war,
For no exploitation,
To rid of all cruelty and man made ugliness,
If longing for a world like this,
And believing that it could exist,
Puts me at risk,
Hightens my lable of insanity,
Then insane I shall be,
Because this ugly world that we live in,
It’s not for me!

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People Want To Talk About Butt Implant’s And Donald Trump….

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Listen to People want to talk about butt implants and Donald Trump… By No One by noone adiaryfromnoone #np on #SoundCloud

I’ve got to stop with this self obsession,
Blabbing on and on about my depression,
Hiding behind my computer screen,
Never to be seen,
Like I’m some kind of Phantom,
Typing real hard to get through my tantrum.
People want to talk about butt implants and Donald Trump,
Politics and elections,
Not my imperfections.
No One cares about me,
I’m not a celebrity!
I can put myself out there,
But it won’t go viral,
Regardless I shall still project the words born out of my venomous downward spiral,
Because once released they will be out there for eternity,
A non expired shelf life that shall reign long after you and me.
My words may just skip right past you,
Jump over your head,
But the notion of them helping someone,
Even if I am dead,
Makes it all worthwhile for me,
And worth being said,
Because actually I am not self obsessed,
Yes I do share my distress,
But to help others who are equally troubled and feel worthless.
I have been criticised but also thanked for my honesty,
Told that my words have helped,
Ignited a bit of light in others darkness,
And so as long as I have the power to confess,
I shall,
Not to share for sharing sake,
But to empower and unite with those who need it,
And with the internet being the ultimate tardis,
It will harbour my words forevermore,
For those that need and will benefit.

Who Trumped?

As black as night,
Yet it is morn,
A new day,
I wait for dawn.
What a to do!
I wont bore you with my point of view,
After all,
What can I do?
Life as we know it,
We may as well forget!
Change for the best?
Or years of regret?
My hands are clean.
Yet still it affects me!
This is a nightmare,
Not a dream.

Voting. May 2015.

I am not sure where my head was at the last x amount of years when I have voted before today. This year I have felt more inundated and overwhelmed by politics then ever before. Has it always been so glamorised? The media have gone crazy over nu.10 and who will take leadership but it has all come across slightly over the top and panto! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean over the top as in information overload because firstly I am not sure if I have been given any information at all but I am more then aware that it is all extremely important, detrimental to all and life changing, once again, for us all. I mean over the top as in flashing lights, paps and public appearances, catapulting the three main stooges to the headlines like they are promoting a new pop icon or something. Listening to their constant rambling and one-upmanship has only left me more confused then ever. You see the main candidates everywhere you turn and then go to vote but don’t see their names anywhere, your presented with a list of random’s and people you have never heard of. You ask for guidance and your told that they can’t say anything because it would be wrong to influence you. You discover that you aren’t voting for the rambling fools at all but complete strangers that are part of their clan. You are voting for someone in your city to get one of the (I think) 620 seats in parliament and you are left completely flabbergasted. So much responsibility lies within the, “X” that you mark. You find yourself reverting back to the old-skool theory. Conservative for upper classed. Labour for working class and Liberal Democrat lies somewhere in-between. Is that theory even now relevant, is it accurate at all? The pressure consumes you and you think about just leaving the slip blank, but then you think of all the women that died for the privilege of voting. You think about moaning and complaining about the way the country is run over the next five years and you have to mark the box, you have to contribute but God only knows if you have made the right choice. God only knows who will win and I sincerely doubt that who ever is crowned will put the world to rights!