Just a corpse now….

And so you pushed and twisted and turned,
Turned and twisted and pushed,
The silver blade within her,
You plunged it into her heart.
Disguised under your invisible cloak,
You had full control of her.
You manipulated each move that she made,
Each thought that she had.
Under your restraint,
Fueled with your toxic venom.
Running like an engine,
No longer herself.
Just a corpse now,
The battered down woman which you vowed to love.


All appears normal with a blink of an eye,

They don’t see me,

Not really,

They see what they want to see,

I can’t control it anymore,

My ability to project normality is slipping.

There ignorance is cracking,

All is not what it seems.

Should we just stop for a while,

All may be revealed.

Time wont stop,

The clock is ticking,

The world is spinning,

You’ll are moving forward,

Whist I am stuck.