Will I be penalised for being ill?

As you (the reader) will most probably know, I suffer from various mental health illnesses and have not long been out of hospital. A nurse/friend has taken the time to both visit and read my blogs and poetry and commented on my last blog about politics. I am not a politician, like many others, I do not fully understand politics, I only comment on things that have either personally effected me or mean a lot to my dear heart. I of cause replied to my friends message. I became extremely passionate whilst responding to her comment and I believe that it is worth sharing with you all. Being unwell, I receive a lot of care from the NHS and it is detrimental to my health. The prospect of a world without this care sickens me.

Hello Tre! What a lovely surprise to hear from you. I hope that you are well? Firstly I must thank-you for all of the kindness and support that you showed me in hospital. I value you, your colleague’s and The Queen Elizabeth hospital even more now that the election has passed and the Tories have won. I keep hearing all these threats on NHS budget cuts and how the NHS system maybe abolished in favour of America’s medical system! I hope to God that these rumours and conspiracy theories are indeed just that and that there is no truth in it, or all of that room in the lovely new and refurbished Queen Elizabeth hospital and all of the hospitals both old and new in the UK will be empty because no one will be able to afford medical treatment. This will only result in jobs being lost, financial crisis, more people on benefits (that they are also threatening to slash) and an epidemic spout of depression. The only people that will gain anything positive from all of this are the rich (paying less in taxes will surely only result in more holidays and designer shopping) and the funeral directors, obviously there will be an increase in death’s if people can’t afford the necessary medical attention that the need. What sad times are dawning!? We can complain, campaign, express regret but this stuff will not disappear, The Tories have the power and they can act upon it as they wish!

Voting. May 2015.

I am not sure where my head was at the last x amount of years when I have voted before today. This year I have felt more inundated and overwhelmed by politics then ever before. Has it always been so glamorised? The media have gone crazy over nu.10 and who will take leadership but it has all come across slightly over the top and panto! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean over the top as in information overload because firstly I am not sure if I have been given any information at all but I am more then aware that it is all extremely important, detrimental to all and life changing, once again, for us all. I mean over the top as in flashing lights, paps and public appearances, catapulting the three main stooges to the headlines like they are promoting a new pop icon or something. Listening to their constant rambling and one-upmanship has only left me more confused then ever. You see the main candidates everywhere you turn and then go to vote but don’t see their names anywhere, your presented with a list of random’s and people you have never heard of. You ask for guidance and your told that they can’t say anything because it would be wrong to influence you. You discover that you aren’t voting for the rambling fools at all but complete strangers that are part of their clan. You are voting for someone in your city to get one of the (I think) 620 seats in parliament and you are left completely flabbergasted. So much responsibility lies within the, “X” that you mark. You find yourself reverting back to the old-skool theory. Conservative for upper classed. Labour for working class and Liberal Democrat lies somewhere in-between. Is that theory even now relevant, is it accurate at all? The pressure consumes you and you think about just leaving the slip blank, but then you think of all the women that died for the privilege of voting. You think about moaning and complaining about the way the country is run over the next five years and you have to mark the box, you have to contribute but God only knows if you have made the right choice. God only knows who will win and I sincerely doubt that who ever is crowned will put the world to rights!

Noone features in a, “Brum Votes” documentary

This was filmed whilst I was an inpatient at, “The Birmingham Queen Elizabeth Hospital”. I look extremely unwell and bloated due to the overdose in which I took 03/03/15. Thankfully now I don’t look as bloated but weight gain is a huge and common side effect of anti-psychotic drugs. I was an inpatient in a general hospital until a bed was finally free at a mental health hospital. Ironically the same mental health hospital that originally rejected me when I sought after help, anxious about going home to the voices and Mr Three Piece.
Please check out the link and then share as the overall message is extremely important, the NHS cannot afford to make more cuts on the mental health budget, so many people are already suffering with the budget that currently stands.