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I go by No One. I am a Black British woman born and raised in Birmingham. My heritage is Caribbean descent. I have suffered from mental illness since being a young child, first officially diagnosed with depression at 16 then after my breakdown in 2013, I was subsequently diagnosed with BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) and been less able since due to chronic debilitating physical illness and of cause my severe mental illness.

Before November 2013 I was living and working in London. I always had a passion for drama and acting, Stage 2 Youth Theatre shaped and nurtured me into a young, confident teenager that dreamt of nothing but working as a professional actor one day. The NYT facilitated that dream over several summers during my late teens. I then applied for several drama schools in London at eighteen and decided to go to Mountview Academy Of Dramatic Arts. My experience there contributed towards much of my ill mental health, I went there with talent simply oozing out of me and left a broken shell of that person destined for greatness. I completed a three year undergraduate course where I acquired a 2.1. I then worked professionally as an actor in London and Birmingham under the name Jade Laurie-Hart. Eventually work became slow and auditions became sparse. I had always worked in Education to pay the bills, as a teaching assistant, learning support worker, drama teacher, group facilitator. Slowly, working in education became less of a sideline and more of a reliable occupation.

I had always had a passion for creative writing, especially plays or short stories but I would never complete them.

I was hospitalised in Homerton, London under the mental health act in November 2013. I found communicating how I felt, vocally impossible. It is then and there that my passion for poetry began. We made a bond, formed a huge connection and we have been inseperable ever since. Writing poetry is now a part of me. It comes to me as naturally as breathing. The power of expression is tantalizing and makes me tingle from head to toe. It makes me happy and I want nothing more than to share my words with others.

I want to help, share, communicate with and relate to others.

Being dyslexic and a sufferer of mental health, one might say the odds of me writing anything worthwhile would be low. Against all odds, I have created poetry well worth sharing. Even Chipmunka Publishing recognised my potential and offered me a contract to publish, I am yet to decide what avenue I may choose to take. There are many grammatical mistakes on this website but that is part of my art, life isn’t filtered, my words always flow into my head quicker than my fingers and thumbs can muster, pain is my muse, the imperfections are perfect reflections of the places I am in at the time.

For now I am extremely proud of the selection of poems that I have wrote and built ovet the years and would like to share them with you (the reader). If reading my poetry inspires others to admit their own woe’s, helps people feel connected and less isolated,encourages others to write and be true, educates others whilst igniting understanding, all whilst raising awareness of mental Health, then I shall be beyond delighted.
I am currently crossing into the writing territory of playwrighting. They say to write what you know. I have lived through, been through and seen alot. From a mental health perspective, I consider myself to be a self appointed mental health advocate. Text book learning meets standards, my experiences allow me to be an ambassador of hope. adiaryfromnoone means no one in particular, I represent absolutely anybody and everybody and despite monitoring, processing, getting through my own struggles everyday, I want to be there to help others, to help you pull through.

For none readers, I am open to being contacted to public speak, I reach out via video via my YouTube channel adiaryfromnoone please check out the top three playlists, “BPD” “adiaryfromnoone says” “No One’s Lounge.
BPD: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkYZuYwYo9NqXHN222ti6OododNFoF9zw

I also feature in the Mind Media Awarded BBCRadio 4,Black Girls Don’t Cry, which is on iplayer. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0b9zfws

Many Thanks,

No one x

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  1. I love all that you hv shared. I to hv been diagnosed as dyslexic. My eldest son is in Mental heath from the age of 21 now 30 and settled. Congratulations. Xxx

    1. I think it is easier and more recognised to be diagnosed with dyslexia now. People like you and I who are quite articulate, missed the boat.
      It is so much more recognised and respected as a learning difficulty now. Now there is alot more help and I believe it should be considered as a difficulty rather than a hindrance and with that in mind, it is more accepted. We just do stuff in a different way. That way in which we operate is alternative rather than, “normal/mainstream”.
      In regards to your son, the news that he has recovered gives me hope.

  2. Congratulations on having the courage to speak out and share. For helping people like me to realise we are not alone in the suffering of the challenges of the mind.

    1. @zoe…
      You are not alone. Today I learned one biologically close to me did not want to hear about or discuss my situation. As sad as it is, I am not surprised. The journey of raising awareness and therefor acceptance is a very long rd ahead.
      People with that attitude can wait. It is important that in the meantime people like you and i joun forces. The message we put out there will be stronger in numbers.
      I know your pain and use this site go share/rant/outburst as much as you like.

  3. To a special one u have come so far in life and manage i would like to wish u all the best think positive and hold ur faith x

  4. Hi Jade, firstly I would like to say well done reading your poetry is truly inspiring and courageous and an insight of your condition which some of us can relate to, but making something negative become something positive through your poetry is truly a step towards a new chapter. Wishing you all the best, someone talented like yourself I can see you achieving a progressive recovery, be strong keep up the good work!

    1. Thankyou. I know you have also had your fair share of difficult times. Please feel free to use this site as an outlet whenever you wish xx

  5. Jade is a competent poet and I am pleased to say she appears in my book
    ‘RESTLESS BONES’ A Limited Edition Poetry Anthology about the natural world and how it is declining. Jade along with 24 contemporary poets appear alongside poems from Wordsworth, Blake, Dickinson, Browning etc, with Fantasy Art from Josephine Wall. Not only a great poetry collection but all funds go to fighting the fur trade. (available from http://www.bornfree.org.uk in a few weeks time) Thank you Jade for being a part of this collection, well done!

  6. Hi Jade,
    It’s Gill (who read poetry at the ORT). You were kind enough to give me your email address but I can’t find it! I would love to be involved in the festival you mentioned. Love the blog! xx

  7. Hi Jade,

    I am that idiot (poet) in the hat that you asked to do your July garden gig for mental health.

    contact me if you still want me to do it..x

  8. Dear Ms Jade,
    I am one in this world who is struggling with mental health.
    I am a woman who holds a degree in Drama Performance, who also once was a Worship Leader. No one knows when your mind is so trapped. You want to be free but you feel caged in. Having no friends, not wanting to look at yourself in the mirror because you feel you are nothing good to look at, trying to hold on a job that many want to strip from you. The word failure I sadly wear as a coat. Where has my beauty gone? Where did I disappear to?
    I had just finished watching Being Black and going crazy and I could see myself saying Keith here I am. I’m in this world searching for answers to why I am feeling this way. Jade I hope you read this.

    1. Dear Ms D,
      I empathise and relate to all that you have said, so much so that I am now questioning if you are my doppelgänger!?
      I also watched, “Being Black And Going Crazy” today. I had to tweet Keith straight away.
      Keep searching. Keep owning it. Talk to me anytime.
      Please type, “adiaryfromnoone” into YouTube or go straight to my link that follows. I feel you may relate and find my latest vlog both interesting and helpful.


      Love From,
      No One x

  9. I love your blog!! I am in the process of building my own blog that will be about my journey with mental illness. Your stories inspire me. Do you have any social media outlets I can connect with you on? I would love some advice from you.

    1. Hi,
      I am so sorry for the late response. My phone App has not been working and I haven’t had the laptop out for sometime. Thank you for your appreciation, it means an awful lot. All of my mental health social media can be found under “noone adiaryfromnoone”. I have a Facebook page and YouTube channel, you may enjoy my real talk, mental health chat show, “No One’s Lounge”. I am also currently featuring on a BBC Radio4 documentary on BBC iPlayer called, “Black Girls Don’t cry” you may find the topic of interest. Good luck with your Blog, I wish you every success Bianca xx No One aka Jade

  10. Hi jade it’s Aisha from the hospital not sure if you still remember me I was next you on X

    Hope your feeling better thinking of you X

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