How must I interpret your silence?
To me it is a fierce and harsh temperament of violence.
No words at all,
Not even an utterance,
I refuse you’re ignorance,
To the harsh message you send,
As to what sufferance,
Your twisted back,
And sewn up mouth,
Bestows upon me.
You know of my insecurity.
You know of my fragility.
You know of my pain,
And yet you destain to intervene,
As if less real it all may seem,
If when in need emotionally,
You are not available to me,
Unless things are seemingly wonderful and happy.
Confront you I shall not,
I have tried and failed,
Which you will deny,
Or imply that you have forgot.
How you can walk with integrity,
Completely perplexes me,
But is a good lesson to me,
I shall never dismiss,
Nor abandon so selectively,
Good or bad,
It is all or nothing for me.
I love you in my life,
I just wish you were explicitly!

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