Secondary Level

Some born with it,
Some hexed,
Some damaged,
Philosophy still contemplates,
But manufacturers still in business,
Pharmaceuticals playing God,
Selling down the chain,
To proclaim man even understands,
Let alone can manipulate such intricate parts of the brain,
Now that’s egotistical bullshit and insane!
But force and desperation can turn dust into gold,
Roll it out,
Sedate at the very least,
To people suffering in pain,
But it’s the disappointing false hope and promise that cuts myy throat,
Cause you’ve been a lab rat,
In the rich mans game,
But it’s so cleverly done,
You can’t even complain.
Take it with no understanding of consequence,
Your in crisis,
They say,
You do.
But I got your number,
Even though for me,
I fear it’s too late,
Ten years of poison,
Has squashed my game.
But I’ll help others,
How could I not,
These powerful individuals,
Your extinguishing the lot.
You stole my dreams,
Destroyed relationships,
And aren’t to keen on me parting ways from your toxic.
Instead of hearing me,
You hear what you want to,
Instead of listening,
You talk over me.
Are you reciting script?
At least put some emotion into it,
But of cause that would require compassion.
If I get detained on my entitled mission to hapiness,
Because you disapprove of my insight,
Or too admit that I am right.
If I no longer have the voice to complain,
And you have any integrity or ownership,
Please fight in my name.
I have repeatedly disclosed my vulnerabilities and that therapy is what I need,
But that such services drain the jackpot,
Special and for the elite,
Not the challenging of your deceit,
Who have the inclination of what they need,
Punishment is cruel and reluctant,
How dare I insinuate anything other than medication,
Not even for elation,
Just for a chance,
To reset,
Clear up the old mess,
Before the wall gets too high,
Tops over and I die.
Your resilience suggests you don’t want to fight for me, Rather look down on me,
Like I need go learn my place,
And no longer disgrace your intelligence,
My having the audacity to think outside the box of my catastrophe.
Help should be the common denominator,
Pay cheque now,
Deal with me later,
What if later never comes?
You’re resistance to my entittlements,
Lack of acknowledgement to my strength and want to battle,
Must be documented,
With you there is still the minimum hope,
Without you I will choke.
I have a dream,
But I am living a nightmare,
I need assistance to transfer in safe passage,
But am petrified you have other plans,
And will stampeed on my light,
Block the tunnel,
Throw me back in hospital,
And steal another decade from me.
You ask about sleep hygiene?
After all I have discoosed,
The tears,
Chronic pain,
Lack of bodily functions,
Just a few off the long list.
Could you sleep,
If those mountains of troubles you had to keep?
There is no on or off.
Just holding on to dreams,
Whilst stuck in this nightmare,
Less bothered about the unfair,
More the urgency in which I need crisis care.
I won’t shut up and put up,
I won’t take your crutch,
I seek more of a remedy,
I beseech you for this opportunity.
If I don’t qualify urgently,
The injustice will crush me,

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