Social Media

Fake nonsense,
Supposed to connect us,
Fill our hearts with joy,
Soul with love.
When in fact it does the opposite for most,
It distances us,
A con act,
No contact,
Without a limiting screen between us,
A quick like instead of actual correspondence.
Flicking through your life,
Stimulates pangs of jealousy,
As you dig deep,
And reep a person’s exposure,
Getting no closer to the being themself.
It wounds our hearts,
Emulates bad connotations,
Stealing genuine from our souls,
Leaving burnt out holes in our retinas,
As we are not really having sincere contact,
Just allowing a negative impact,
From selfies,
Editted stories,
Loosing touch with old special someone’s,
Following morons,
What happened to letters and the telephone?
We’re all sat in the dark,
Scrolling on our own,
People be crying now,
Kicking up a fuss because of Corona,
But it’s just an axcuse to complain,
Use your brain,
When’s the last time I saw you?
You’re angry because your free will has been violated,
Not because social distancing has you infuriated,
I didn’t see or hear from you before the pandemic,
But you miss me now?
Your timing is tragic,
I am here,
I always was,
A vaccination will not close the gap,
We need full on restoration,
And that can be achieved,
Even if in isolation.

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