I want to say thank you to the NHS,
For all of the time that you have had to invest,
Not once have you complained about political stress,
How The Tories were plotting to sell you and how they lost interest,
Knowing many politicians prior to this would have left you sacked and jobless.
Now everyone is singing the same tune,
As they clap and swoon,
Over those very same hero’s that you wanted to ban,
Cut ties and sell you off without a damn.
Well now Borris has had front row seats to the front line,
Surely he can no longer be blind,
We cannot afford to loose you,
Patriots of the Red White and Blue,
And all the outstanding work that you do.
NHS we need you,
We appreciate you,
We would be lost without you,
We are lucky to have you,
If your recent top game and sacrifice do not save you,
Then we do not deserve you,
We are indebted to you,
We thank you.

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