Happy or sad,
Pleasant or unpleasant,
Triumphant or troubled,
We cannot forget the past,
We cannot escape the past,
It can be suppressed but only for so long,
Because without it there would be no present,
And without a present there will be no future.
Secrets buried will resurface,
Torture shelved will fall back onto your lap,
Outcast trauma will always boomerang back,
There honestly is no escape,
We can trick ourselves for so long,
You cannot cheat your way out,
Only acknowledgement,
Understanding will set us free.
A tainted past does not have to determine one’s future,
But acknowledgment needs to be part of the process,
In order to Journey on forward. Do not tell me that I am stuck in the past as if I want to be,
As if I revel in misery,
Do not shun me for struggling,
When all you do is sweep things under the carpet,
Remember selectively.
I am no volunteer.
Some people’s paths have shackles,
Have nails that staple you to the wall,
Burry you underground,
Suck you up like a tornado,
And are all considerably profound.
This doesn’t make stepping forward very easy,
The torture one endures early in life,
Will inevitably stay with you until your very last day,
It’s your foundation.
Yet it’s how you manage,
Come to terms with,
That will help you,
Lead you on your merry way.
We may have been cast upon a gloomy path,
But determination can enable escape,
It may not be easy,
But hopefully always an option. Nothing worth having ain’t worth fighting for.
I want to come to terms with my troubled past.
I am determined.
I will resolve and then I will be set free,
But I am under no misconception that this journey will be easy.
Don’t think less of me because I broke down,
Because I wanted to end my life.
My decision bared no hindrance upon you,
I am sorry to have affected you,
Those times I only saw blue.
Please just don’t mistake my vulnerability for sabotage,
My troubles as deceitful,
My issues as seeking of attention.
It’s ok if you don’t understand,
But removing yourself from me,
Just a fraction,
Or entirely,
Is a real pitty,
If its about tough love,
Don’t be so damn silly,
I blame myself already,
Your disappointment,
Attitude now non existant,
Or dismissive,
Only makes me more self destructive.
I need suuport,
And I am not to proud to ask,
But if you have disappeared,
I will not force your hand,
There is no poker face here,
It’s sad,
Hard to hear,
Hard to watch,
I must endure it,
You can ignore it,
But never mistake in thinking any of this has been my choice.

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