Farewell Sweet Memories Of The Most Humble of Abodes…

I don’t remember moving into Flat 1/86,
But it was my home for more than thirty years,
If that humble maisonette had but eyes and ears,
Plus perchance a mouth to speak,
So many of cause,
But what memories would it share?
Or secrets would it keep?
From primary school,
Until I left for drama school,
Trafalgar Rd is where I grew.
Adventures in the back garden with the Tyson Twins at 4,
My first sleep over with Sabrina in Juniors from primary school.
Walking home from that same school,
For the first time on my own,
Greeted by Aunty Denise,
My cousins Billie,
Rhona and of cause my Mum,
Almost perfectly until I saw them,
Excited and proud were we all,
Until they observed me crossing the road without looking at both directions.
Bringing Alice round after stage 2,
At just around 11 years old.
The bringing home of Remy,
Excitedly coming home from Swanshurst with Lydia,
Both of us keen to get back to greet her.
Getting followed through Moseley on the way home from dance class.
Grandad in the garden,
Growing potatoes.
Choosing between Nanny and Grandad each Christmas.
Step Dad came and went.
Mum left me home alone to go to work and put food on the table.
That time I said,
“Beetlejuice” 3 times and the doorbell rang.
Steve from upstairs.
A seasaw for an only child.
A rotten wooden swing.
Stars and moons wallpaper in year 7,
Underage clubbing and sleepovers at mine.
Keziah and I practicing oceans of movement Saturday nights,
Ready for Sundays and the watchful eye of Liz Light.
My single bed.
Easter hunts every year.
Mums surprise 40th,
One of the only times the house was ever that full.
I left for London,
Mum stayed on,
A lodger came then was gone.
My old room,
Recently Cleo’s room,
Was a spare room,
Then an office for PJ to have fun.
Rosemary pampering Mum and I for the wedding.
The Baby,
The christening.
So many stories,
So many memories.
86 was the home I could always return to,
Now the Holloway’s are on a new journey,
They have hoisted up the anchor,
And sailed on to better days,
To make memories a new.
I know I left 86,
But it was my home,
Somewhere I felt I could always return to,
Bricks and water you may just be,
But I miss and love you,
And sincerely thank you,
For all of my memories,
You were a huge part of my life and I will never forget you.
Full circle for me,
I am currently only down the road,
Physically close to all of those memories that we built and shared,
Know that you are loved,
I’ll be seeing you.

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9 Replies to “Farewell Sweet Memories Of The Most Humble of Abodes…”

    1. The gang are moving on now, the new family are in. I didn’t physically say goodbye, it is just too sad! Let the memories live on… Xx

  1. Great things await the Holloway’s In your exciting new crib! It will be strange not to go to 1/86 on my random trips back but excited to see your new gaff!

    Wishing you nothing but good fortune, contentment and endless love & laughter. X X

    1. Thank you. I will always remember you guys “The Twins” and I going on what seemed like the biggest adventure, before all the houses (like the one you lived in) were built. My garden just went on and on and on.
      I remember making up dance routines with you. You loving dinner at my house. Being obsessed with Boyzone. Good times. Xxx

  2. I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was great. I do not know who you are but certainly you’re going to a famous blogger if you are not already 😉 Cheers!

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