Still The Same

The earth would still be the same as this,
If I did not exist!
My tears overflow and fill the cup,
Whilst I’m shaking all Shook Up,
The voices shrill and proud, Ever so loud.
Administrating full control of me,
Overdrive is my anxiety.
Why are your back’s turned?
Is it the punishment that I have earned?
How so?
I honestly don’t know!
Why can you not hear me?
I need you so dearly.
I’m reaching out for your hand,
Whilst slowly sinking in quick sand.
Was this painful destiny forsworn?
Most of the time now I wish that I was never born,
And I question who would even notice!

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2 Replies to “Still The Same”

  1. I feel exactly the same and hear the same. You’ve got to just pretend they don’t exist. Just smile to yourself when you hear them and carry on as normal. Try. xx

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