You Do You!

So you do you,
Regardless of my needs,
Pretending you cannot see me reaching out my hand,
You do you.
You put yourself first,
You take off,
No word of notice,
Because you’re doing you,
But what about me?
Your now leaps and bounds ahead,
Self indulged,
The distance now between us has not even entered your head.
You’ve forgotten about me,
Not even one look back,
No apology,
Because I recognise that it is not all about me,
Even though if you asked,
I wouldn’t want it to be,
I only ask for a little consideration,
For you to think about us,
To remember me,
But the test of time has torn us apart,
Sent us on different paths.
We could find away back to one another,
But this option has not even entered your mind,
Put pressure on your heart,
Now we are apart.
Now so far ahead,
Way up the ladder,
We are we no longer,
You’re doing you,
And once the closest,
I am now irrelevant to you.
So just go,
Go on,
Carry on,
Just do you!
Our memories are wasted not,
As now,
They are all that I have got,
It has gone to far now,
But I will not leave them to Rot,
To me they are too precious to be forgot.

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