After Death!

Just keep pushing forward,
That is all that you can do.
Easy said but not done.
I’m stuck standing still,
It may appear so but it’s not from free will.
Everyone hits hurdles and we all fall.
You get back up,
Strength and stamina will keep you up.
Endless brutal falls make each rise harder than the one before,
Tired I wonder why I am fighting for.
In times of need we loose hope.
Dreams and ambition fuel fire,
Self belief is our saviour.
Dreams scorned by failure and disappointment,
Disintegrates ones entire character and being.
You are not alone.
Loved ones will be there,
Help shall be provided.
Being overehelmed can cause segregation,
Loved ones may walk away.
Help is available.
I don’t mean to confuse you with my complications nor push you away,
I just don’t fit into this world,
And often death seems like the only way,

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