Mia Depper…

That girl with the red hair,
Over there,
Right there,
Watch her flames burn and sparkle with power,
As she flares up the dance floor,
She heats up any room,
Lights up any stage,
Captivates us all with her crimson fireworks,
Draws us all in with her lantern,
with no judgement or discrimination,
This lady in red,
Neither here,
Nor there,
But everywhere,
She glows with her own light,
Under the moonlight,
Her spotlight,
Ribbons and kicks,
Twists and flicks,
If we could package and brand her,
She would be the ultimate red lipstick,
She takes the “I” from “Mi”,
And puts it into inclusion,
Against exclusion,
Sharing with all of us,
All for one,
And one for all,
This little Robin red breast,
She is nothing like the rest,
Someone that I am very lucky to have met,
And a friend for life,
I strongly bet!!

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