Benjamin Cre Cre…

If I had a brother,
He would be none other,
Then the spitting image of you.
The things you do,
The things you say,
The way you are,
Is nothing but true.
You have the kindest of hearts,
And wholesome,
The sweetest of souls,
I could eat you whole,
My supportive friend,
I thank my lucky stars that you stumbled into my life,
At a time when we were both vulnerable,
We found one another,
Music brought us together,
We made a bond so unexpected,
So strong,
Two years later,
We are still bumbling on,
We will never part,
No matter what,
Our mutual connection through art,
Will never cease or die,
Until the bitter end,
I thank my lucky stars,
Because you are a true,
Best friend.

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