No Love For Me!

How do you play the game of love? How do you even get to stage one? Dating!? Internet dating and I are really struggling to be on the same page. How much do you give away and how much should you keep zipped!? I have an awful lot of baggage, yet I wear my heart on my sleeve and don’t really like keeping secrets. I have become accustom to potential lovers getting on their bikes if they discover the skeletons in my closet, therefor in many ways, I would just like to get it all out and let them run before there is any danger of me getting attached! My mental health, alopecia and scars are a huge part of me but not all of me! I am loving, caring, funny, empathetic, generous and rather cute but I have alopecia, borderline personality disorder, scars and extra weight due to medication. All of my problems are genetic and through no fault of mine own. Whether I disclose just one or all or my problems, men just seem to run!
I threat that my fear of more rejection, makes me seem a little to keen and like I am in a rush but truth be told, I just want to fast forward to them running away and so I have no time to get hurt and can just move on to the next. You have to be in it to win it! I am thirty-three, all of my mates are home owners, married and having kids, whilst I am in mental health recovery, raising mental health awareness and struggling to get first dates! I want love, I am looking for love, but perhaps thus far in the wrong places!? I am searching online, speed dating and even applied for the but even they didn’t want me! So what do I do!? I call out to cupid quite often and only hope that one day he will answer and shoot some arrows for me because I want to be an awesome partner, loving wife and inspirational and doting mother.

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