If you ploughed me with wine…!!??

Good manners,
Please and Thanks,
Or you’ll get a spank.
A good upbringing,
These morals become part of you.
These rules are pretty black and white,
As clear as day and night,
These guidelines are bestowed upon every child,
To prevent them from straying and being disobedient and wild.
Be polite,
Be humble,
And be selfless.
Take them out of context,
From PG to Exrated,
These guidelines will take you on a kinky conquest,
Where monogamy is outdated!
Sex toys,
Safe words,
And submissive,
I was brought up with morals,
This much is true,
But sharing my man,
Is something that I cannot,
Will not,
And do not want to do!
Especially at the age of thirty-two.
I’ve never been over sexual,
I have played the field,
But always kept up my shield,
To sexually commit to more then one at a time,
I cannot yield.
Your stories of orgy’s,
Group sex,
And pleasure,
Intrigue me,
Play sweetly in my ear,
But these stories are yours,
And will never be mine,
But I would never say never,
If you ploughed me with wine!?
Just kidding,
I would still have to decline.

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