Offender or Defender!?

Watching, “Women Behind Bars With Trevor McDonald” has been both educational and harrowing thus far. The depth of crimes that the women in the prison institution where the documentary was filmed are varied and shocking. Should it be true, One of the stories is probably one of the saddest stories that I have ever heard, although alot of the women are renowned for being manipulative, showing no sign of remorse and angered by their sentence, this one woman seemed humble and at peace that she would Gow old in prison. Admitted at sixteen years of age in 1975, she was the youngest prisoner ever admitted in that particular prison, and has been there longer then any other inmate.
Prisoner 0394 spoke of how she never got to drive a car, go on a date, have her own bank account or be a mother, but she has taken the role of mother with many younger patients. She has family that still want her to go home. Her two little nieces broke their piggy banks and clubbed together, asking the Prisoners sister if that was enough to, “Get her out!?” Relating that story reduced her to tears.
This seemingly open, respectful and somewhat content lady, was sentenced and went to prison for murder. She was abused in the home that she occupied at sixteen, she wanted to get away, get out. She started a fire and it got out of hand. She was trying to escape, she thought that if she set the fire, everyone could get out and she could run. Six people were in the house and six people died! She endured several burn injurie’s which occurred whilst trying to get back into the house on fire, to save the people but was unsuccessful. She became apprehended after several months in hospital.
She looks forward to growing old in Prison and believes that something positive will be on the other side!

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