Christmas Day may officially be over but let us remember the joy throughout the January blues…

When Cinnamon,
Ginger and All Spice,
Ice skate with leaps and tricks through the air,
Dive into your nostrils,
And gambol out of your mouth,
You know that it is Christmas!
So eat,
And be merry.
Raise a toast to everyone,
This special and festive time of year.
Give thanks,
Remember those that we have loved and lost,
But rejoice in the fortune of love, friends and family that we have.
Those without,
Please don’t loose faith,
Hold onto hope,
Don’t write yourselves off,
The future is unknown.
For the lucky ones,
Hold on to the warmth and all things nice,
Try to not get overcome with greed,
And be willing to sacrifice,
Accept the seed of awareness and giving that I have placed between your shoulders,
Be humble and kind to everyone,
Because no one is immune to vulnerability,
The weak may rise,
And the mighty may fall,
Who knows what tomorrow may bring,
But in the meantime, gestures of kindness can go along way.
Do not get complacent,
Nothing is certain,
You may have January blues,
But Christmas will come back around again.

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