Spoken Word Live and Kicking!

Despite having the most terrible of week’s, my wonderful, kind, talented and musical buddies helped and collaborated with me, resulting in this original piece. I was very nervous plus suffering from psychosis throughout and so my voice is a little shaky but I have decided to share it anyway. Spoken Word, poetry, music, guitar and singing are my stimulant’s, my cup of coffee or chocolate bar, they distract me from sadness and give me something to be passionate about, to talk about and share. Two nights after potentially having to go back into hospital, I was on stage and sharing my art! Knowing that I had a potential performance, it kept me out of the danger zone, I went straight back in once the performance was done and I had to leave the event early, missing many a friends and associates do their set’s (apologies) but taking the risk of sharing something far from polished, it really did give me something to live for. A slap in the face to my downer, aggressive, consistent, bullying hallucination’s. So have a gander! Click the link below…

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