Damilola Taylor

When did humans forget?
Forget to let children be children?
Allow them to learn through play,
Through monitored mistakes,
To lead them to the best of our ability,
Offering hope,
And all possibilities,
To know right from wrong,
Allowing them to reach for the stars,
Through nature,
Through nurture,
via education in school’s that have our children’s futures at heart and as targets,
Not just money and ofsted results and reports,
In communities,
Where people come together rather then segregate themselves due to class, race or other insignificant particulars.
When did adults forget?
Forget their parental and adult responsibilities,
To offer comfort,
And lead the way,
By setting good examples,
Teaching right from wrong?
When did we forget to communicate our differences in peace and with respect?
Pop Pop,
Shanking left, right and center.
Bang Bang,
Bullets flying like birds in the air.
Hate crime,
Youth crime,
Violent crime,
Unnecessary crime.
There is justice in punishment,
But by then it is to late.
Children and the young are being killed,
killed before they even start living.
If children cannot be children,
It can be fight or flight,
Something to do,
Peer pressure,
The streets do not a good person make,
It is dog eat dog,
kid’s pushing drugs,
When they should be sucking lolly pops.
Both adults and children are attacked,
Killed for their diversity,
Their faith,
Their class,
For games sake,
And no justice can bring back the dead.
Whether we agree or not,
There are laws that we must all abide to,
No one is immune,
Adult or child,
There is no street pass,
Try running but you can’t hide,
You do the crime,
You must serve the time.
But I want a world where we strip things back,
Get to the route of the problem,
In order to avoid loss and tragedy.
And bars are punishment,
But do we not have the intelligence, funds and responsibilities to intervene before the crime?
The reality is,
Not all of us have great starts in life,
Anyone of us could fall into the wrong crowd,
Grow up without love and good care,
And therefor love and care for no one.
Those individuals may have no guidance,
may not have experienced love,
And it is those people that we need to try and help before hate.
I do not condole or pardon the act of inflicting physical or mental pain upon another,
I also don’t presume that every criminal comes from poverty,
I am not ignorant enough to label everyone that grows up in poverty or mistreatment will commit a crime,
I just feel that every child and young person deserves a positive start in life,
We all deserve a chance.
Everyone should have one!

A child named Damilola Tayler (07/12/1989- 27/11/2000) an innocent boy, had his life taken from him before it even properly began, it is said to be a matter of the wrong place at the wrong time, he was stabbed and bled to death. According to the BBC, 204 teenagers in London have died as victims of knife crime since 2000. Damilola’s siblings and Mother, Gloria Taylor (died 2008) and Father, Richard Taylor (still campaigning against violence crimes) concentrated on the roots and core of the misfortune of their baby’s death, by helping other children in poor area’s with very little opportunity at, “The Damilola Taylor Trust”.
Rather then becoming bitter, switching off and expressing hate, the Taylor’s saw the need for change, for the young with very little opportunity and at high risk of turning to crime. In order to prevent history constantly repeating itself, Damilola’s parents selflessly helped the young in the community. The tragedy opened their eyes and the push and need for change ignited within them. Mr Taylor has been recognised and noticed for his activist beliefs and received an “OBE” in 2011 for his kind and very much needed work. He is still fighting and helping young communities today! He is an inspiration and I am sure that Damilola would be very proud.

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