My Iron Mask

Like the man in the Iron Mask,
I have on similar attire,
Worry not about the bolts and staples attaching the painted and heavy mask to my face,
It is what lye’s underneath that hurts.
Not the painted smile.
My hands shake,
But you do not see.
My heart aches,
But you do not see.
My body trembles,
But you do not see.
Tears fall,
But you do not see.
You don’t really see me at all.
All you see is the fake smile on my cast iron mask,
Yet truthfully,
I cannot remember when I smiled last!

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2 Replies to “My Iron Mask”

  1. Hi Jade

    I have been directed to your blogs by the kind words and understanding of Mr Scruff. This poem just captures so much of how I feel and battle (like many others). Thank you for expressing and sharing and providing words I find hard to communicate myself

  2. Hi Ally,
    How kind of Andy to share with you (thank you) and thank you for your comment, it resonates really well because the way you have received my poem is exactly why I have made this site. I am No One, which means no one in particular, i.e. I represent anyone and everyone. The subject of mental health may not make the headlines as often as it should or at all, and is still unfortunately a taboo subject but yet it is a huge problem that troubles many a people, in fact one in four! I reach out to everyone bad mental health is all around us, whether it be someone who personally suffers, or someone that knows them, loves them, works with them, teaches them etc. I am not ashamed to share my story and journey of living with mental health, because of people like you! People that can identify but feel very alone and for what ever reasons cannot share or tell their own stories. Please keep following. I have a Facebook, Twitter and YouTube page under, adiaryfromnoone and will keep sharing for the unforeseeable future. There is footage of a mini festival that I held this Summer in Birmingham to raise awareness for mental health and I hope to do it again next year. Keep your eye’s peeled, it would be lovely for you to come and to get to meet you. In the meantime, keep accessing and sharing. I really value your comment. Thank you and I wish you all the best with your recovery xx

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