La vida de los Juegos Olímpicos de

Life is like a tight rope,
And we are the gymnasts.
We find balance,
And goals are set.
We chase perfection,
Our objection is very clear,
To push through until the end.
Obstacles will get in our way,
It is not a game,
We will face danger,
This is not pretend,
Fear will find you,
And you may retreat,
Avoid the obstacles ahead,
But there is only one way to go,
And that is forward,
We cannot cheat.
The end is in sight,
You have to fight,
Yet no matter how thick skinned we are,
How resilient,
Quite simply,
We may fall!
Determination will fill you with fuel,
Your bruised pride will help you push through,
Start again,
We fall.
Start again,
We fall.
How long it will take?
We do not know?
Will others pass you and proceed,
I believe so.
We will get to the end,
It is just a matter of when?
And so we will try,
And try,
And try,

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