To my very old friend Gareth Knapman…

Tears fall as I write this. It hurts and emotions run deep as I think of you being unwell and in pain.
You have always been so kind and thoughtful. The comment that you left on my blog alone, proves that…


You moved me back in our days in youth theatre with your warmth, humour, and kindness, and after reading through your website for the first time I am emptied by sadness at the effects of your illness and filled with hope that you will find your way through the struggles that are standing in your way.

Love and peace,

from a distant friend Xx”

I have and always and will always cherish those sweet words. You reached out to me and now I am to you.

I loved the way that you loved Germany so much, you packed your bags and never came back! How very brave.

You are one of Liz Lights favourites of all time (I am sure that she wont mind me saying). Your kind, non judgemental and loving soul made you stand out in the crowd. In my opinion, you are one of Stage 2’s all time greats, a real star and have a little place in many a hearts. Keep shining Gareth.

All my love from the very bottom of my heart to you and your recovery. To your close friends and family at this very sad and distressing time. I hope to hear back from you soon but if you must leave, keep shining on and I will look out for you in the night’s sky. xx

Your old friend,


Since writing this, unfortunately Gareth passed away. His memory will live on in our thoughts and hearts. Please watch this exclusive video of Gareth performing, “Mr Bojangles” on a stage in Germany. It is incredibly moving, with all things considered, but a wonderful documented piece of him doing what he loved, in tribute to his Grandad…

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