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It is not my intention for this blog to patronise you, but to remind you, remind us all and my self included.
Selfies, photo shop, pictures of us girls with make-up and perfect hair. Pictures of boy’s with their most expensive gear. A status about love, or weight loss, or about a good night out. If one is na├»ve enough to believe that what one chooses to put up on their social media profile is a true reflection of their mood and their lifestyle, then I suppose I envy you. We filter what we release into the public eye. We airbrush and edit, as to come across in the way that we wish to be perceived.
I am guilty, you are guilty, we are all guilty. It’s ironic that it is called social media because actually it functions as the exact opposite! Instead of actually calling someone, visiting someone, socialising with someone, we browse their status’ and proceed along with our own lives. We accept what ever anyone has posted to be true and fool ourselves into believing that the odd glance at your loved ones profile is the equivalent of actually keeping in touch. Liking, favouring or tweeting does not a real relationship make.
Life isn’t black and white, there are always shades of grey but it is easy to ignore that because we have begun to replace actually touching base with someone with scrolling down someone’s post. That attitude, which we have all become guilty of, is why our society is physically becoming more and more isolated.
Making actual connections with others in person is really hard as it is, but the more we hide behind our computer screens, the harder and harder it will continue to get.
Even though I am guilty of this myself, I know how less likely it is for people in crisis, people who feel alone to actually reach out too companions and loved ones because such a thing warrants actual physical contact or at least a phone call and if such communication keeps decreasing, people will feel like they have to resort to suffering alone.
If you know and care for someone with mental health problems, let them know in a more personal way then clicking like on a post, for example. If people you know are sick, getting old, unhappy, reach out to them. It can make a difference.

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