You Don’t Need To Get It…

Depression. So many people, “don’t get it” and so let me try and explain it to you.
You have got to promise me though, that you will read this post throughout. In order to do that, you need to clear your mind, banish all the prejudice and contrived conspiracy theories or this wont work. I write this to the family, friends and professionals that have a relationship with someone with depression, in hope that you will understand. This is not about, “Pity” or “Need”. I just pledge and hope that you can try to understand. I am filling in the gaps where others are to afraid or exasperated to fill. Communication breakdown is the source to so many deaths. So many suicides. Perhaps if you understand, you can help. There’s no pressure, just please continue reading.

Depression is not a weakness. Depression is not a test.

Depression is not something that we all go through. Depression is like any other illness. Some people are prone to it and other people aren’t.

Depression is not a race thing, class thing, scrounger thing, benefits thing, politics thing, control thing, made up thing, age thing.

Depression is a Human thing.

You don’t need to relate to it, or have to of experienced it, or identify with it in order to get it. You don’t need to, “Get it” at all! Depression can be like anything else unknown. For example.. “The Galaxy.” “Extra-terrestrial Life”. “The Big Bang Theory” We just know of it/know it and accept it, and there lies the answer, the secret… Acceptance. Offer acceptance and I am sure that the person in need will be more than grateful! From there on, the idea of, “All is not lost”, the possibility that some hope can grow can all take effect once you have humbly shown that you are on their side and offering a strong and sturdy hand. Offer two declarations, I accept that ones mental health is just as valid as ones physical health. I accept that depression is a mental illness. Your acceptance supported by those statements could potentially fill the void and save peoples lives.

Thanks for reading xx


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