I Watched a movie called, “The Infidel” with my neighbour last night. Prior to this we had a conversation about religion. My friend believes that if your parents are a certain religion, their children will automatically receive the same faith. For e.g. Parents A and B are Christian, they have a child named C. C will therefore be born a Christian. Is this true? Is this a real thing? I believe that until child C is christened, they are just babies/children/adults. I don’t believe that you are born into religion, you can be born into a religious environment but that doesn’t mean that you are automatically part of that religion. I also don’t think that simply being christened or any other religious alternative, makes you a certain religion, you have to believe, study, practice and understand a faith in order to truely become part of your religious family. I may be wrong but I am just sharing what I have always thought. My grandparents were born in the Caribbean but my parents were born in England. If my mum had to disclose her heritage in a form for example. I assume that she would tick, black British because that’s what she is, as would I,because I was born in England and that is what I am, but if my children were born in another country, that box would not apply to them. I personally apply the same principals from this analogy to religion. My mum is a devoured Christian, I was christened Methodist as a baby but have grown up to be agnostic. Thoughts and opinions welcome…
#Is religion hereditary? “Religion is a matter of choice, it becomes hereditary because parents raise their children confirming to belief they have held themselves all their lives. In a lot of cases though, this early indoctrination does not take hold, and a majority of atheists and agnostics come from religious families.” Wikipedia

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  1. I was brought up Catholic, was baptised, made holy communion and confirmation. I went to church every Sunday till I was around 18, I stopped for a good couple of years. I’ve been going the past couple of years again now, but that’s only out of respect for my grandmother and my mom, as they brought me up believing, but I no longer believe or follow all that is written in the bible.

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