Transgender Mania…

Watching Bruce Jenner’s story. I am pretty much as open minded as they come (if I do say so myself). All of us deserve to be loved for who we are . I hate racism, I hate prejudice. The hippy in me is just like, just let people be. I have been aware of what it means to be transgender (pre or post op) since like forever. One of my favorite films is (albeit an extremely emotional and brutally honest account of a true story) “Boy’s don’t cry”. Some people out there are unfamiliar with transgender story’s. Now the likes of Bruce Jenner, Kelly Maloney and Laverne Cox are raising the publicity bar. Humans tend to follow suite. The more issues are talked honestly about, the less daunting they become. Celebrities raising the publicity bar, will hopefully dilute the hate. The more the subject is talked about, hopefully the less alien it becomes. It is so sad to hear about how many suicides, homicides and people bashing is going on out there. It must stop. To end with a little quote from the Diane Sawyer interview, Sexual identity, “whom one goes to bed as.” Sexuality, “whom one goes to bed with.” A common misconception is that they are linked when in deed they are not. Also according to that particular interview that I watched, transgender does not fall under the mental health. Therapy can allow you to admit, confirm, understand, accept and move on but by no means work as any kind of cure. A doctor on the show who deals with transgender patients spoke of her youngest patient being 18months!? Astonished, Diane Sawyer questioned how an 18month old child could articulate that, the doctor mimicked the child who I assume was genetically a girl, “I, a boy!” The show touched on genetics and hormones that flow, change as our body’s and brain’s form as we grow, from babies, to children, to teenagers especially. Apparently it is quite possible for genes and genetics to get mixed up, in my opinion, if a hermaphrodite can have both physical attributes of both sexes, someone transgender can have both mental and physical attributes of both sexes. If you don’t like it, put your energy elsewhere. Stop the hate people xx

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