When you are a baby they sing sweet stories full of melody, happy tunes, your comfort providing sweet lullaby.
When you are a child they read fantastical stories, full of magic and wonder, dream inspiring fairy tales.
A little older, you develop a taste, now clued up, the stories that you read triger intrigue and curiosity, more knowledgeable and worldly the magic begins to fade.
At a more mature age, it clicks, things fall into place, your eyes open to the sadness in the world, you no longer believe in the magic, the news connects you to a world of woe and sorrow.The magic has gone.
Where’s the Gold?
Where’s the Prince?
Where’s the happy ever after?
The magic has gone.
The stories were wrong.
Reality strikes and you realise that the tales in fairy tales and lullaby’s are filled with nothing but deceit and fabrication.
Then the forever flowing world takes you full circle.
When you are with child, a child of innocence, you do not want to taint them with the sorrows of the world.
The lullaby’s and fairy tales resurfice.
It’s where all hope springs from.
Perhaps they are all lies, but until they recognise and the secrets unfoldunfold, we all deserve a bit of magic when we are young!

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