She found peace…

Everyone felt guilty, scared, worried and unsure, but she didn’t. Deep in slumber, not a flicker of an eyelid, unaware of all the upset, she was fine, drifting in wonderland with candy floss clouds and stars that sing. Sleeping beauty sleapt, deep and undisturbed. Covered in protective sheets of dreams, spellbound, it seemed that she would sleep for eternity. “Let her be”, said the wise one, ” She needn’t wake just for our sakes. Our world is full of tragedy, pain, despair and death. Let her slumber and stay in her dreams, her own world. Life can be happier when you keep your world within. Using barb wire, nothing gets out, nothing gets in, all remains internalised. Ask yourself if she wants to be woken, or do you want to wake her for you? It would be selfish to wake her and bring her back to this world of pain and misery. She found peace, let her stay there!”

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