They hunt,
They target,
They pursue,
They could pick on any one of you.

They manipulate,
They intimidate,
They know how to articulate,
And before you know it,
They have you.

Your innocent and naïve,
It makes it easier for them to achieve,
Spun in their lies and deceit,
Makes their challenge complete.

Trapped in a web,
The vulture’s pursue you,
And there is no escape,
They now determine your fate.

Tangled and intertwined,
They honour you like a trophy,
And there is no escape,
They have you,
And they’ve won.

Under their spell,
Trapped in hell,
You give in,
And feel obligated to let them win.

I would like to say forgive them,
They know not what they do,
But that is not true,
They know,
And before you know,
It is to late.

They dictate all that you do,
Until they have what that they want,
lose interest in you,
And find someone new.

They spit you out when they’ve done,
Leaving you confused and damaged,
Left hopeless with low self esteem,
Used up and unclean,
Nothing left to redeem.

Scared beyond repair,
They leave you to rot,
In hell,
Whilst they skip off into the sunset,
Looking for someone else to put under their spell.

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