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If you feel mentally unwell, depressed, anxious, out of sorts, please acknowledge the symptoms and go to your GP. I know that admitting such feelings is hard, but putting them to the back of your mind does not a well person make. Would you ignore a fever or nausea? I believe the answer is no. Would you be ashamed of a fever or nausea? I believe the answer is no, but what is the difference? The body is a complex thing but if you block out the noise and get in touch with one’s self, trust your intuition, you may actually find that the body often cry’s out for what it needs, what it likes, what doesn’t suit you, you only have to listen and trust in yourself!
There are apparently two categories of mental health patient care. Primary care and secondary care. Strangely enough, if you identify your symptoms early on, the level of care available is quite impressive should you choose to engage, early intervention treatments are available, magic pills, talking therapy and you are on your way. Secondary care is for the slightly more intense people, for example with substance abuse problems, self harm/suicidal tendencies. For a reason unbeknownst to me, there is very little help available right away, especially out of office hours. You only need to read my past couple of blogs for proof. There is a national shortage of mental health beds across the UK. This has captured a lot of media attention but there also isn’t very much care available to help you before you get to the point of needing a bed if you are having a crisis. You have to be assigned to home treatment team for help after hours, they will not and cannot take your call if you are not on their books, getting registered in the middle of night whilst you are in crisis does not exist. Here lies the problem. Paramedics wont come out to you unless you have some sort of physical injury. Your in to much of a state to make your own way to A&E. What do you do?
I have some news, there’s a new pilot after office hours intervention. If you are distressed, at risk of hurting yourself, please call 111. They are NOT a 24hr service but they do cover at least a good five hours that we never had before. I have not tried them myself yet but they have been recommended to me by my mental health care coordinators. I think it is just good to know that there is “apparently” help available. I think that their office hours are until around 10pm. Until there is 24hr care available, I will endeavour to keep writing and sharing with you the reader, my friends but at least today, I have some good news.
Thank you,
Noone x

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