This should be the correct link to a documentary created as part of the new, “Brum Votes” scheme. Please look, like, share and help raise awareness… they are constantly threatening budget cuts throughout the NHS and Mental Health budget when as it stands, there isn’t even enough money to bed patients in crisis!

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  1. Jade,

    You moved me back in our days in youth theatre with your warmth, humour, and kindness, and after reading through your website for the first time I am emptied by sadness at the effects of your illness and filled with hope that you will find your way through the struggles that are standing in your way.

    Love and peace,

    from a distant friend Xx

    1. Hi Gareth, long time no speak. I hope that my reply finds you well. Thank you for the lovely comment. I am along way away from that little girl with dreams in her head and stars in her eyes but I guess, I am indeed still me and that little girl that you remember so fondly, will always be a part of me.
      If sharing my story can educate others and my revelations make people feel included then I will endeavour to keep sharing and explaining. If my words comfort fellow sufferers enough to encourage people that they are not alone, my blog will be up indefinitely because I care and take pride in helping.
      Please help me by sharing, “” with as many wonderful Germans as you can and give Leipzig a huge hug from me.
      All my love,
      noone x

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