Why do I keep falling for your lies????

They promised me, lead me to believe that I  would be safe and looked after! When I  had my final hospital meeting before discharge, the professionals assured me that I would get seen by home treatment team everyday for a minimum of  two weeks. They came yesterday. They came today and then they decided to drop a huge bombshell… they will come tomorrow and then reduce their visits to every other day! If I knew, I would have held off all visits untill my return home as when I am at home alone, at my most vulnerable, the voices and Mr Three Piece start. The nurse has left me hopeless and apprehensive. What will I do? When she left, I went outside and I saw Mr Three Piece in the window across the street, just staring at me with a smile. God help me this coming week without support. I may not have left hospital so soon if I knew! I have disclosed my fears once again, only to be told that there is always A&E and people to call. It takes seconds to hurt myself, I don’t feel the odd phonecall will be adequate but I guess only time will tell. I just feel let down by the system once again.

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