So I got reprimanded for having a conversation yesterday. Told off for sharing my thoughts and opinions on the current affairs in my life, regarding staying in a mental health hospital and residing with fellow patients. Patients that walk freely into your room, help themselves to your shoes, throw sandwhiches at you, swear at you and embark on racist remarks directed personally at you. The patients who practice that behaviour barely get a finger raised at them, but apparently I am not allowed to comment on such behaviour, even if (as it often is) aimed at me. Nonsense! What happened to freedom of speech? If the staff spent more time working on getting us better and stable rather than eavesdropping, perhaps I wouldn’t be here having a conversation in the first place!
I maybe mentally unwell but I am not a child who has just been grounded, not a wild animal that has been put in a cage, not a criminal who has been locked in jail. I am not just your average statistic, I am a human being with real thoughts, emotions and opinions and no one can take my freedom of speech away! Without words I would merely be a shadow of a human being. Without words, literacy, poetry, creative writing and speech, I would not be me and so I will not allow anyone to take that privilege away from me, institutionalised or not. In the words of Martin Luther King, ” The absence of freedom is the presence of death.   Any nation or government that deprives an individual of freedom is in that moment commiting an act of moral and spiritual murder. Any individual who is not concerned about his freedom commits an act of moral and spiritual suicide.”

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