NOONE REACHES OUT FOR HELP, ONLY TO BE DECLINED AND SENT HOME: After suffering from a spell of intense hallucination’s,noone sought after help, only to be dismissed and sent home. Trying to do the right thing, noone attended her music group on Tuseday 3rd March 2015. The group distracted noone for a little while but the nearer that noone got to returning home, the worse noone felt. Feeling unsafe and scared that the mysterious bearded man would reappear that evening, noone seeked help at the nearest mental health hospital, only to be questioned abruptly and told off for seeking help so late, turned away and advised to call noone’s GP, noone did so and was told that they would call back. The GP did indeed call back later that evening but noone was informed that no help or intervention would take place until the next day, at the earliest. Feeling unheard, alone and scared, the turn of events that noone had anticipated, and worse, occurred! The man came, the voices turned on and noone became consumed with madness. Disorientated and desperate, noone succumbed to the instructions in a desperate plea for it all to just stop. Trying to stab oneself, cutting both the left arm and wrist and then finally taking an overdose, leaving noone heavilly drowsy, covered in blood and near unconscious. Luckily, at some point throughout all of this, noone had reached out to a friend. A friend that unlike the professionals, responded and intervined. Thomas (the friend) came to the rescue and rescued none, both calling the ambulance and escorting noone to hospital. What a friend! He is owed much thanks. None, over a week and a half later, is still in hospital and has been given a physical, medical all clear and now waiting for admission into a psychiatric hospital. The waiting time is unknown as there is currently a shortage for mental health hospital beds across the country, a bed in Birmingham (where noone habbitates) is not garenteed and at present, highly unlikely. Perhaps noone would have not needed a bed at all, should the professionals have responded in a more accommodating way in the first place!

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