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Dear Readers,

I thank you for visiting my site. I ask you to continue visiting, reading, commenting and sharing it with friends, particularly friends in need of comfort and understanding. I write for you, the reader. Yes I find poetry and blogging alleviates my stress levels, I find it extremely therapeutic but my ultimate goal is to raise awareness and understanding of mental health. Keep connected by liking my facebook page, A Diary From No One. I need more likes and followers. Follow me on twitter, @adiaryfromnoone. I appreciate all of your help and thank you for helping me connect with others thus far, but the journey continues. So far you have helped me get noticed by both local radio stations (BBC Radio WM) and press (I shall reveal more on this in good time) which is an amazing start but I endeavour to keep going and should you accept, with your help, together we can give others a little support and inspiration.
Much love and thanks,
noone xx

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