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It hits you hard in the chest.
Things look different.
Things feel different.
Everything is different when you open yourself up to love.
Some search for it high and low.
Some people hold on when they get it and never let go.
Some of us don’t feel loved at all,
Some of us can’t,
Some of us love too much,
Some find it hard.
Love is powerful, unpredictable and scary.
It seems unobtainable.
People tell you that there is enough love in the world for all of us.
People assure you that  it is in reach..
I try to not be pessimistic,
I try to find it,
I am patient enough,
I have gotten up from every knock.
I have  allowed you in,
You broke my heart.
You have left me feeling sad and lonely,
You beat me.
You broke me.
Despite the painful lows and excitable highs,
I cannot function without you.
I am currently lost.
I do not love the old me or  present me,
Can’t forsee the future me.
How can I expect someone to love me when I don’t love anything about me self.
I don’t expect.
I am hurting but still, all the while hoping and searching for

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