A message to you the support. ..

Some day’s it is near impossible to get out of bed, the illness consumes you, wraps itself around you like poison ivy and holds you as its prisoner.

Some nights you can’t get to sleep, you become irritable, sensitive, emotional and riddled with pain.
You let yourself go, barely look in the mirror because you anticipate the the mess of a reflection, the unidentifiable being looking back at you.
Sometimes going out and about, talking to people, seeing friends and family is barable.
A lot of the time you can’t bare to see anyone out of fear that your misery will spread.
People think depression is just wallowing in your own self pity, they take no time to understand it, understand you! Only when people become unwell and hospitalised or commit suucide, those people are the first to say, “I never knew, why did she/he not tell me?”
You don’t need to understand mental health, if you want to, there are so many books, internet sights, groups that you can reach. Just remember every case is different, Just be there consistantly for the people that you love. Love, company, understanding… all of that comfort and possitivity can sace lives!
Thanks for reading,
noone xx

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