Anything is possible whenn you put your mind to it…

Really? Do you think so? I used to think so but certainly don’t any more.
You can try and tell me to be optimistic and that negative thinking only exposes me to a world where less things are possible. Perhaps you would be right in saying so, but you do have to be realistic. Not everything is possible. Not everything is even accessible to everyone.
I always wanted to be famous. Fame meant success in my eyes. Recognition. Acceptance. I have only just come to realise that it was not fame I sought but an obsession to be liked. I wanted to feel valid. Someone worthwhile and not just a mistake.
Now consumed with depression, it is hard for me to recognise any success that I may have had in life. I feel detached from the person that I once was. Looking back to the times when I have succeeded is like looking at a stranger.
Looking to my future… I see none! I only have now and my now is consumed with words and expression. Having letters, the alphabet, words, sentences, phrases, paragraphs, poems, short stories… they are my anything. This site is my possible. Putting them together and sharing them with you allows me a little comfort.
You make my anything possible.
Thank you xx

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