All of these so called medical professionals. They know so much about me. So much, that indeed when they probe me for explanations to certain situations, I can barely remember the scenario to begin with.
They don’t like questions, that puts them on edge, in order to control, they must do the asking.
One way traffic… how can I trust you enough to explore my life, childhood, trauma throughout, if I know nothing of you but your name?
Naturally I trust just about everyone and divulge way to much personal information but with you/the shrinks/ professionals, i seem to plug it up, keep it in. Your a stranger, sharing with you, on the clock, it doesn’t feel right and so please forgive me when I appear to not be open enough for you.

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2 Replies to “Exposed”

  1. Intersting perspective, I have felt similar feelings. I am however currently training to be a counsellor, after my own issues with mental health and counsellor after counsellor, finally I found one who helped me to turn my life around. That what is motivating me to want to help others.

    1. That is amazing Zoe Fox. How long is the course? How much etc.? I am considering it for the future. Very proud of how far you have come. Well done 🙂 xx

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