Flash Forward…

Flash forward to the woman sat on the creaking rocking chair,

Her motions forwards and backwards,

Forwards and backwards,

Captivated by the stream of Sun beams flooding in through the window,

A chorus of happy children from out back,

Staring ahead at the empty armchair,

Once consumed by the man that she loved,

A smile flickers across her face,

Eye lashes a flutter as her minds eye replays happy memories,

Fused with the laughter from her Grandchildren,

She turns her head to watch them play,

One last look,

One last breath,

The rocking stops,

The creaking silenced,

All comes to a halt.

This should have been the life or her.

That should have been her end.

She gave up to soon.

Cut the rope as she gave up hope.

Loveless and childless,

Sprang self hate.


She could not anticipate.

The life before her,

She never knew.



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