Mindfulness Breathing exercise…

Take five minutes out of your schedule today. When we stop thinking, clear our mind, the only thing we are inevitably still doing is breathing. This exercise will cancel the for granted attitude that we have and make us more aware of how integral it is to breath.

Five minute exercise-

Pick a quiet place. Just breath in through the nose and out through the nose.

Feel the air go into your nose, is it cold? How long do you keep it before exhaling through the nose again?

Breath in through the nose. Fill up your lungs and just hold it there until you are ready to exhale through your mouth. How does it feel in your lungs?

Breath in the cold air through your nose.  Breath out the cold air through your nose. .. the rythem that we all partake in but take forgranted. Try these few exercises.

Relax and be minful to the thoughts, feelings and realisation.




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