Short hair, long hair, weaves, extensions, up, down, colour, gel, product, hair spray. For both men and women, hair can be a vital part to ones looks and confidence. No one likes a bad hair day. People rarely embrace turning grey. No one wants to go bold.

Alpoecia- A dermatological illness. The loss of hair on the head and sometimes body. Not a desired feature. How awful. Can you imagine all of your hair falling out? Especially as a female, particularly as a child!

One would expect people to be understanding, it’s no ones fault! You would be surprised how image conscious people can be. Not only about themselves but also of lovers and friends.

I was ten years old when it began for me, twenty years later, after being knocked back, rejected, ridiculed, dumped, bullied, it is still no easier.

I have decided to share my secret today. After all… we all have them don’t we?

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