Silent Movie

Like a silent Movie,

They watch me,

Try to understand me,

Their eyes search mine.

Trying to strip all the layers and search for my pain,

Yet they only see through me,

Not to the core of my problem,

But through me as if I was transparent,

Good Cop, Bad Cop, Friend, Lover, Mother, Father…

I have seen them all.

Yet not one helped, caught, or saved me,

They’ve all seen me fall.

I have been pushed, pulled, crushed and moulded all of my life.

They tried to make me, but decided to break me.

They tested me in order to see me fail.

So now in a room full of sickness, sadness and a loss of dreams.

My silent Movie streams live for all to see.

The louder I shout to be heard,

The darker it becomes.

So I give up eventually.

My hearts beating fast,

Memories are flashbacks,

Tingling sensation, harder and harder to breath.

I fight, kick, punch but the darkness surrounds me.

Smothers me and I am lost within the black cloud.

Nothing left but a silent cry.

So fitting, for a silent Movie.

End Credits.

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