Somewhere beyond the grave, Beyond the clouds,
Beyond the stars,
Beyond the galaxies,
There is a place that so far I can only dream of.
A place where only the good may roam.
I cannot see it,
I cannot hear it,
But I can taste it,
I can feel it,
I believe in it.
This is the place where we are all destined to go,
Yet how we conduct ourselves in this lifetime may stop us from reaching.
Whether we all make it,
All my loved ones and I,
I do not yet know,
But some secrets are to be kept,
As we are unable to fully comprehend them as yet.
I trust in it,
And hopefully one day I will see it,
Make it,
Reach it,
Meet all of my loved ones there,
From the past,
My future,
And present,
And spread my wings.
It will be glorious.

I will vote but will it count!?

I feel obliged to vote,
But insignificant doing so,
Pressured by hero’s in history,
I have to vote,
I have to go,
Not just my paranoia,
But also my observations,
Make me question the voting system,
People are bringing in ink pens,
Worried about the durability of a pencil,
If this is something to fear,
The counting system may not be honest and clear,
In seconds our decisions can dissapear,
Alterations may reappear,
It is a worthy possibility to suspect,
No one sees the person counting,
Politicians are renowned for being corrupt,
Yet the voting system requires so much of our trust,
The delicate procedure of unfolding and beholding,
Only the elite hear the whispers,
Only the elite have the power to manipulate the balet,
Every vote is the same,
A shocking result,
We are given glitz and glamour,
Promised the earth,
Only to be given disappointment.
I buy into it not!
Obliged to vote I may be,
But it would be nice to at least once in my life,
To feel of significance and part of something worthy.
To play a major part in positive change,
Noted in history,
To give sunshine and opportunity for our youngers destiny’s.

Shadows Of Reflection

As I walk alone in the shadows of reflection,
The ceiling is my earth,
The ground my sky,
Snowflakes fall like flames of fire,
Each drop burns my skin,
As I breath I drown,
The oxygen texture is like water,
Alone and lost,
I am searching,
Not fully understanding who for,
Or where to begin,
Or someone,
Wants me,
Terribly confused,
Deterred by nature,
All odds stacked against me,
But I feel a strong pulling from my core,
Like a magnet,
I am connected,
Drawn in,
I do not understand this mad and lonely world that I am in.

All The Worlds A Stage; Like The Great Man Said…

All the world’s a stage,
And we are merely players,
Shakespeare told us the secret,
But missed out the complex layers.

You see,
As this earth is constantly spinning,
So is the wheel of Fortune,
And like lottery balls,
We are catapulted into the game,
The game of life.

Fate plays it’s hand,
Where we are born,
How we are born,
When we are born,
Pot luck,
Chance determines our paths.
Manipulates our character.

Must we accept what lye’s ahead,
Or maybe choose,
Pick what genuinely suits us?

Control our own destiny?

Quit all together,
And terminate whatever!